Alexandra et Roger BÉNÉVANT

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The book in a few words

For the first time, Alexandra and Roger Bénévant are answering important questions about the origin of the structure of the labyrinth and its possible geometrical roots.

In 1967, in his book Le Livre des Labyrinthes, Paolo Santarcangeli wrote : "Any labyrinth is a secret script, inscribed in two or three dimensional space, a code. It is possible, therefore, that someone – a mathematician or a specialist in applied psychology – has developed a method for decrypting labyrinths.  I have been unable, however, to find a single modern study on this subject."

Alexandra et Roger Bénévant now offer an exhaustive study of the labyrinth’s archetypal structure, revealing the nature of the principles which generate it and the vital power of its pathways, expression of the sacral quest underlying the mystery. 

This rediscovered key leads the reader on an authentic journey, itself labyrinthine, towards the final point where the origins express themselves.

Strengths : the authors have combined their skills and qualities to present in this book a geometrical, philosophic and scientific approach, while also offering a didactic proposal.

Who is it for ? For anyone interested in geometrical and initiatory symbols.


Roger BÉNÉVANT, who has conducted for a long time numerous researches into the life of the symbols and their geometrical reactivation, is also the author of the book Liber Corax (Éditions Dervy).

Alexandra BÉNÉVANT
, scientist and pedagogue accompanies her father in his research.


Why was this book written by two people?

Roger Bénévant has always been interested in symbols: in their meaning, their geometric origins and their ritual construction. In his book, Liber Corax – La règle, le compas et le cercle –, Mister Bénévant introduces the reader to the conclusions of his extensive research into geometry and symbolism, carried out over a period of 50 years.

The labyrinth symbol, briefly mentioned in this book, particularly captivated him in his first forays into Greek mythology, of which he is now a passionate connoisseur, and which was to become the main source of inspiration for his painting and sculpture.

More than a decade after the release of Liber Corax, Roger Bénévant decided to write a book on labyrinths. He chose to write it with his daughter, Alexandra, who had been working with him for many years, simplifying the subject matter of his conferences and his public geometrical drawings, making them more “accessible” for the uninitiated.

As a pedagogue, Alexandra Bénévant has provided a very useful didactic approach to this complex subject. As a scientist, and through her own research into labyrinths listed all over the world since prehistoric times, Alexandra Bénévant has added richness and depth to her father’s work.

« La voie retrouvée du labyrinthe » (« The rediscovery path of the labyrinth »), co-written by father and daughter, is a book that takes the reader, whether novice or expert, on an initiatory and informative journey that leads to the understanding of a symbol, a symbol about which we know relatively little, and yet it has fascinated mankind from the beginning of time. This book reveals the archetypal structure of the labyrinth and the power of its path that lead to the deepest geometric and mystical-philosophical meaning of its origins.

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